Advance Praise for Consequential Strangers

JOHN CACIOPPO, author (with William Patrick) of Loneliness: Human Nature and the Need for Social Connection, and director of the Center for Cognitive and Social Neuroscience, University of Chicago

Our life from birth depends on connections with others. This fascinating book brings to our attention the many subtle yet essential connections we form everyday in myriad ways. It is difficult to feel socially isolated after reading this book.

RICHARD M. COHEN, author of Strong at the Broken Places:Voices of Illness, a Chorus of Hope

The safety of relationships without obligation allows consequential strangers to seamlessly move through each other’s lives. Convenient intimacy encourages selfless honesty.

SUE ELLEN COOPER, founder of The Red Hat Society

This book will open your eyes to the magnificent complexity that exists beneath the smooth surface of even the most ‘ordinary’ life. I will never again look at my relationships—intimate or casual—in the same way!

DAN GOLEMAN, author of Social Intelligence: The New Science of Human Relationships

Consequential Strangers challenges us to rethink our circle of relationships, to widen our horizon of human connection, and to expand the numbers of people to whom we owe debts of gratitude large and small. A mind-expanding and heart-opening book.

MARK GRANOVETTER, professor of sociology, Stanford University

This welcome antidote to hand-wringing about the “loss” of community and social ties shows in rich detail what a diverse and complex social tapestry we weave. Drawing deftly on both recent scholarship and riveting personal stories, Consequential Strangers pulls together the many social strands that other works distort by viewing one at a time. Neither mindlessly upbeat nor morosely glum, this is the essential guide to navigating our new twenty-first century social waters.

CALVIN MORRILL, co-editor of Alone Together: Personal Relationships in Public Places, and professor of sociology, University of California, Irvine

A compelling read…about a topic that has always seemed to be just under the radar. The writing moves effortlessly from traditional city streets to virtual environments on the Internet and back off line again…. A winner.

HOWARD RHEINGOLD, author of Smart Mobs: The Next Social Revolution

Understanding how social networks work for you is a 21st century survival skill. This book combines lucid and compelling writing with solid scientific research to show you how much the people who are not in the center of your life may be important to your social and professional success.

BARRY WELLMAN, S.D. Clark professor of sociology and director of NetLab, University of Toronto

Blau and Fingerman have discovered — and navigated — what’s all around us….We’re dancing each day with a host of people who make us stronger by connecting, positioning, and helping us. The periphery is central to our lives.

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