The Conversation Hub

A great consequential stranger story resulted in this interview by Marc Vaillencourt at the The Conversation Hub.   I met Marc through Jason Simon, voice of the Caffeinated Conversations blog.  Over the last two years, Jason and I have had several online and phone conversations. I’ve also written about Jason’s and my connection on this blog and about his work in “Why the Art of Conversation Is Key to Sharing,” an article for  But, because he’s in Seattle, and I’m on the East Coast, we have met face-to-face…yet.

Apparently, Jason has a similar online relationship with Marc, who  interviewed him for The Conversation Hub’s 22nd episode.  Jason, in turn, told Marc about Consequential Strangers, which he thought would make a fitting 50th episode on a show that believes…

Through conversationrelationships are formed;
Through conversationknowledge is shared; and,
Through conversationlife happens and finds meaning.

Listen here.