Katrina Survivor Faces a Different Kind of Drowning

Let me warn you before you read further:  I’m going to ask you to send me any amount of money you can afford, from a few dollars to whatever.   But it’s not for me.  Allow me to  explain…

In the last chapter of Consequential Strangers, I included a personal story about meeting some of the survivors of Hurricane Katrina, among them, Violet Simmons (not her real name–hence, no photo), a single mother whose New Orleans home was under water.  Violet, who had fled west across the state until she ran out of gas, was then living in one motel room with her eight children.  I’ve since stayed in touch with her.

Five and half years later, Violet’s youngest child, a toddler then, is now in second grade; her oldest is the mother of three.  As it turns out, Katrina wasn’t Violet’s worst enemy; poverty was–and is.  Katrina just complicated matters. Continue Reading »