The Making of “The Relationship Revolution”

A week ago, “The Relationship Revolution,” the lead story in the September/October issue of The Psychotherapy Networker , was finally published (online and IRL).  The piece has been in the works for nine months, because the story kept changing.  Tech is moving so fast that trying to capture it is like taking an action shot on a slow shutter speed.  Also, my editor, fairly new to the Internet and social media when we first talked, kept changing his vision of where he wanted the article to take readers.  “Up the mountain” was how he kept putting it. Continue Reading »

Rosh Hashona Reflections & Humor

A friend sent me this via email, and I thought I’d pass it on.  I wrote about Tashlich in the fall of 2008, as I put the final finishing touches on the manuscript.   I had never planned to write an Epilogue to the book, but the Universe has a funny way of guiding us.    You can read that (more serious but joyful) story here.   Or if you just want a chuckle, read on… Continue Reading »